Wild Party Bingo is a multiplayer Bingo game with a bunch of exciting twists!  The game takes place in a fictional world where you, Olivia, David & Professor Knight (and their monkey Bing) travel the globe in search of the world's greatest parties!  

WPB has a lot of features and we encourage you to play the game however you like.  You can play solo, or on a Team.  If you engage with your Team, you can play cooperatively, competitively, or both!  Experiment with the features, powerups and strategies to find what works best for you!   Try different levels, teams and card counts to challenge yourself and see if you reach the top of the worldwide leaderboard!  This guide is to help familiarize you with the complete list of features.

Make diagram 2

Basic Game Edit

The core game of Bingo is a classic.  When play begins, balls roll out; each with a letter-number comination on them.   When a ball is 'called' you check to see if that letter-number is on one of your cards.   If you have that number simply click or "daub" that square.  Once you achieve 5 daubs in a row you can declare BINGO!  by touching the green Bingo button at the bottom of that card.  You can call Bingo from vertical, horizontal or diagonal 5-daubs in a row.  The square in the center acts as a 'free' daub.

You may notice that each letter has a corresponding color and number range.  The number ranges are B=1-15, I=16-30, N=31-45, G=46-60, O=61-75.  Knowing these patterns can help you find your number quickly.

Each round has a fixed number of Bingos available.  When all the Bingos have been called, the round ends.  If you hit BINGO without having a proper Bingo on your card, you will BAD CALL and the card will be forfeit.  The core game is really that simple!

Buy Cards Edit

On any standard level (non-tutorial), before the round beings you can buy the cards you will use for that round.  Usually, you can choose from 1 to 6 Bingo Cards.  Fewer cards is good for beginners, but more cards increases your chances of winning.  Each card has it's own Bingo button and you can only Bingo once for each card.  Once a Player hits BINGO  (or gets Bad Call) for a card, it will become inactive.  At that point you can either close the innactive card (with the 'X'), or choose to Buy New Cards.  

The buy cards screen:                        


Mobile Edit

On mobile devices, since screen space is usually less than desktop, we give you a little extra help.   You will notice you always have one large active card, and the other cards are smaller.  If the currently called ball (called the 'active' ball) is present on one of your cards, that card will glow green.  You can simply tap or swipe that card, make it active, and daub your square.  The green glow is especially helpful in later levels with lots of cards.

Example:  In  this game, the 'active' ball (most recent) is I-26.  That square is present on the first card, so it glows green.


Teams Edit

One of the core features that makes Wild Party Bingo unique is the teams.  Each round comprises 4 teams of 5 players each for a total of 20 people in the "room".  Each team competes with the other teams, AND you are competing with your fellow teammates.  The game is structured such that the benefits of winning as a team outweigh the benefits of beating your teammates individually.  You will want to work together, stick together, and communicate with the chat window.

At the beginning of the round, you have the choice which team you would like to join, through the Team Select screen.  Choose any of the 4 teams.  You may change your mind and move freely from team-to-team until the timer buzzer rings and the round begins.  Once the round has begun you may not switch teams.                         


At the end of each round you will return to the Team Select screen.  Here you may stay on your current team or move to another.  In general, it helps for people to stick together and continue as a team for as long as possible.  Teams are temporary and do not persist past each game session (however, add teammates as Friends and you can easliy team up again in the future).

Booster Party Edit

The Booster Party is the main way you help your teammates and get extra stuff.  Here's how it works:  whenever you, or someone on your team, CORRECTLY daubs a square, they partially fill up the Booster Meter.  When that meter is full, it bursts and sends goodies (Boosters) onto your card.   You cannot collect boosters immediatly; you must wait until the ball for that square is called.  Once it is, you will automatically collect whatever booster you had waiting for you.  

This is the Booster Meter:                         

Booster gauge

There are 6 Boosters in total:

Free Chips  - This Booster awards you with free chips!

Img game booster freeChips

Free Powerup - You receeve a random free powerup.

Img game booster freePowerup

Harp - The beautiful music gives you an INSTANT BINGO!  Rare, but awesome!

Img game booster harp

Splash- Daubing this Booster will 'splash' two free daubs on adjacent squares.

Img game booster splash

Team Daub - Lucky you, free daubs for everyone on your team!

Img game booster teamDaub

eXperience Points - Gives you a random amount of instant, free XP towards your next level

Img game booster xp

Note that as you unlock new levels, you will unlock new boosters.  The boosters possible for each level are shown on the Level Select card in the Lobby.                        

PowerUps Edit

Poweups add an exciting dimension to Wild Party Bingo.  You can use them anytime during a round, and there are benefits to each.  Try using them in combination or at different stages of the round. The Powerups are located on the screen right panel, on the far right side of that panel.                        


There are 6 Powerups in total:

Daub Spotter - Will highlight every daub called that you have missed.  The highlights appear as pink circles and last for a limited time before they POP and vanish.

But game pow spotter

Free Daub  - Places two free daubs on your card(s) at random locations.

But game pow freedaub

        Helper - Drops a daub onto every card of each of your teammates.  The daub on their card is special, and shows a tiny representation of your Player Portrait (usually your face).

But game pow helpingHand

        Breaktime - Auto-daub!  Relax and let the computer daub each square for you.  Breaktime lasts for 30 seconds and then you are on your own again.

But game pow break

Refresh - This powerup lets you get completely new numbers for any squares that do NOT have a daub on them.  IF one of those new numbers has been called already, it gets tagged with a pink circle (same as Daub Spotter) that also lasts for a limited time.

But game pow shuffle

Disruptor - This is the one powerup that causes 'harm' to others.  For the unlucky recipient of a Disruptor, their cards will receive a 'lightning' shock effect and the numbers will be difficult to read for a limited period of time.  You can choose to 'disrupt' or confuse another player at any time.  Targets can be same team or other team members.  

But game pow disrupt

This Power-up offers three choices:  

Friends - Friends is just that, it shows you all Friends in the round and lets you pick a target from that group.   

Leading Players - Leading Players shows you the top 5 players (based on score) in the round and lets you pick a target from that group.   

Last Attacker - Last Attacker is just  last person who attacked you (a great way to get payback).   

For all Powerups, the yellow number in the corner is the quantity you have of that powerup.  At anytime you can purchase more powerups in the shop.   If you run out of a particular powerup, you can also purchase them more directly on the powerup button (once they quantity is zero).                         

Shop powerups

You can also win Powerups by placing 1st or 2nd in the round.                        

1-Touch Social

Whenever you see a Player Portrait in our game, you can interact with that individual by clicking on their photo (provided they don't have their privacy settings on).  This is a universal interface throughout Asylum Labs products.  By clicking on a Player Profile, you will open the Hatch Menu.  The Hatch Menu is a contextual menu that provides a number of options for social interaction.  


Here is a breakdown of the Hatch Menu Options:  

        Add as Friend - this will send a friend request to the recipient.  This request will store them as a Wild Party Bingo friend, seperate from any other friend systems you may have (like Facebook).  If you are Facebook friends with someone already, you wont need to re-add them.  If you meet someone new on WPB, go ahead and Add as Friend to stay connected.  We will be adding a number of exciting features especially for friends.   There are a number of features that you can only do with someone if you are friends.

        Play With - this is our Join feature.  Anytime someone is playing a game, and you choose this option, you can jump in the same game as them immediatly.  Their profile will also display a small green arrow if this option is available BEFORE you click their profile.

        Give Gift - this opens the gift panel and allows you to send a gift to someone.  For more on gifts, see Gifts.

        View Profile - this opens the Player's Profile.  You have access to all the same information as in your own Profile View, except for the Social tab.  For more on this feature, see Player Profile.

        Chat With - *COMING SOON*  This is a private 1-1 chat feature.

        Block - this feature allows you to block any users.  They will not be able to see anything in your profile or interact with you directly in any way.

Hatch Menu icons are contextual, meaning you will only have the options available to you that make sense.  For example, if someone is in the lobby, you will not see a Play With icon, since they are not in a game for you to join.  Another example: if you are already friends, you will not see the Add Friend icon.

Levels and Progression Edit

Wild Party Bingo has 16 total levels spanning 4 parties all around the world.  When you finish the tutorial, you "unlock" the Single Player level.  After that you progress from Stage 1 - Carnival 1, Stage 2 - Carnival 2 etc.  New locations also introduce new Boosters, new card limits, faster ball calls and other variations to challenge you as your skills increase.  When you begin most of the levels are locked and as you play you will earn Experience Points (XP) for almost everything you do in the game.  Gaining expeirence raises your level and unlocks new locations.    The locations progress as follows:  Carnival (Brazil), Vegas (USA), Versaille (France) and Kids Party (Australia).  We will be adding more locations and levels as time goes on.   When you level up, you will be presented with a special pop-up that tells you your new level, level name, Chips awarded and if you unlocked anything (like a new Booster or SessionM points).                        

Level up

Team Rankings Edit

After a round concludes there are two ranking pages that show how you did.  The first is the Team Results page which shows how your team ranked compared to the other teams.  Team ranking is determined by # of Bingos first, then # of Chips won by your team collectively.  Teams are stacked 1st place on top, and 4th place on bottom.


Personal Ranking Edit

After the Team Results comes the Personal Ranking page, which shows how you did personally, as compared to your teammates.  Here results are tabulated based on # of Bingos first, then XP gained then Chips won. This page also shows your total winnings for the round which includes your Lottery winnings (if any) and XP gained.   To continue to play simply wait for the Round Start timer to reach zero.                        


Chips Edit

In Wild Party Bingo, Chips are the primary currency.  There are many ways to gain chips.  The easist is to purchase chips through the main store icon.  You will notice a variety of purchase prices.  We also provide a daily bonus, where you recieve free chips each day.  As an additional opportunity, come back each consecutive day for even BIGGER bonuses!    Of course, playing the game offers opportunities for chips based  on your skill also.  Winning Bingos, Chips Boosters and good team rankings all give you more chips to play with.  Inviting friends is a great way to earn free chips also!

Leader Boards Edit

If your the competitive type, Leader boards are a great way to know how you stack up compared to others in the community.  The Leaderboard is constantly changing with the latest data from our entire community of game lovers.  The Leaderboard has 4 views:

Today - shows the highest scoring players for the day.  24-hour cycle based on midnight PST.                          

Monthly - this is the highest scores for the month, and where you rank on the monthly best                          

All Time - yep, you guessed it.  Highest scores since launching the product.                          

Friends - this is just your Friends who have played the game; how do you compare to them?                          


Player Profile Edit

The Player Profile is where everything about your account is accessed.  This information is persistent from session to session, and will record your progress in Wild Party Bingo (and other, upcoming Asylum Labs games).  You can access your Player Profile by clicking in your own face in the top left corner of the screen.  This feature is available anytime, throughout the product.

The PP has multiple tabs with a ton of information about your experience, status and history.   You will note the following 'tabs' or sections:

General - This is your overall information.  It has things like Level, Chip Count, Friends Code etc.   Statistics - Here we store your stats for the game.  How many Bingos? How many times were you 1st?  How many games played total?  Achievements - *COMING SOON* ; here is where you will be able to see all the trophys you have won. Social - All things social, here is where you approve Friend Requests that came while you were offline. Gifts - *COMING SOON*  Will display all the gifts you have received and given.                        

Player profile

Privacy Edit

At Asylum Labs it is important to us that every user have a great experience.  Part of building an open, social network is giving our players the ability to customize their privacy settings.   Under the Options -> Privacy we current offer three toggles (ON/OFF):

Allow Public Profile :  When on, this lets others see your profile by clicking 1-Touch Social and the 'i' button to see your info.                        

Allow Receive Gifts :  When on, people can send you gifts.   Remember, you can still decline on an individual basis.                        

Allow Friend Invites :  When on, people can invite you as a friend.                        


Lottery Edit

After you play a few levels, you will unlock the Lottery.  This is a fun optional 'side bet' where you can pick 5 balls and bet that they will be called in the first 5 balls of the round.  If you get a match, you get paid!  The more matches, the more chips!  Matching all 5 pays a mega-jackpot of 20,000,000 chips!  Simply pick your numbers from the Flashboard and you are ready to go.                        


Friends Edit

We have a phrase at Asylum Labs "everything is better with friends".  Our friends system works very similiar to other friends networks you may have used.  To add a friend, simply click their profile pic and choose the Add Friend icon.  You can then review how many friends you have in your Player Profile -> Friends list.  This is your total friends list, regardless of who is online or offline.  In the main lobby, you can see which of your friends are online.

    Friends Code:  Your Friend Code is your unique User ID #.  There is a convenient alternate method to add a friend using the Friend Code.  Simply tell your Friend Code (Found on Profile -> General) number to someone, and they can add you on their Profile -> Social page.  If you want to add someone this way, simply ask them for their friend code, and enter it under Social -> Add Friend.

Gifts Edit

The Gift menu is accessed by clicking on a Player Profile and using the Hatch Menu, select the Gift icon.    


Gifts can be given to anyone at anytime (with exception to Privacy settings).  

When you buy a gift for someone they are asked if they would like to recieve it with a YES/NO prompt.  If yes, they will recieve both the gift, and the XP assosciated with that gift.  If they decline then the sender will not be charged and the transaction will conclude. In the future, we will be adding more gifts, rare gifts and the ability to show off how many gifts you have both given and recieved.                        


Options Edit

Accessed through the 'gear' icon in the top right of the display, your Options menu allows you to customize many paramaters.  Depending on a variety of factors you might want to make some adjustements.  Options has three panels  General, Help and Privacy.   The General screen has:

Sound Effects:  volume adjustment - these are the effects used in the game Music:  volume adjustment - whatever music is playing in the background Voice:  volume adjustment - this is the voice of the Bingo announcer who calls the balls

Rate our Game - takes you to a page where you can rate your experience w/ the game. Give us Feedback - takes you to our Forums so you can really tell us what you think, make suggestions, criticisms and otherwise engage with us at Asylum Labs.  We want to hear from you! Terms & Conditions - stuff our lawyers make us put in Privacy Policy - we take privacy very seriously and respect our fans; read about our policy here.


Trophies Edit

Tophies are earned on a per-level basis.  You acheive them for performing well in that location, then you can see your trophy on the Level Select card.

4 levels:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum                        


Blackout Levels Edit

Every 4 levels you unlock, you get a special level called Blackout.  These levels look, sound and play differently.  Instead of just needing 5 in-a-row for BINGO, you need to cover the whole card...for Blackout!  Everything else is the same as standard levels.                        

Blackout levels can be easily identified by the unique Level Selection card in the Lobby.                          


Thank you for reading our documentation, for any questions or comments please feel free to post on our forums HERE

Links Edit

Asylum Labs website: 

Wild Party Bingo Fan Page  (please come Like us!):

MAIN game on Facebook

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